Today, a look back..

At the Lousiville airport this morning I was randomly selected for additional screening. I thought to myself, “Oh great now I’m gonna have to explain the taped up feet with a strip and full body cavity search.” Well, I didn’t because it was not discovered or brought up at all. I’m not sure if I feel grateful dor not having to explain or annoyed that something like taped up feet wasn’t checked. Especially since shooes need to be removed after that shoe bomber guy in 2002. So what is the point of taking off shoes that do not set off the detector anyways. Especially if the feet are not ever even looked at? A whole lot of nothing if you ask me. (Great, now that I say this I’m gonna get some problems tomorrow.)

Ended up getting sucked into the movie Troy last night when I should have been sleeping for my 4:20am wake up call. So glad I filled up the rental car last night.

I finished Ill Wind by Nevada Barr and didn’t have a backup book with me. I know I didn’t have Firestorm (the next book in the series), so I only took Ill Wind with me. I picked up State of Fear by Michael Crichton. So far it is typical Crichton. Tons of different characters and sub plots that will twist and turn and eventually climax with fantastic revelations. It is a popcorn book to say the least. It will hit the work lending library as soon as I am finished with it, but in the meantime it will be entertaining.

When I landed in Oklahoma, I kept looking out the window for wildfires but saw nothing. I was unable to do any sightseeing because I had a message from the sales consultant that the hospital had sprung a three page list of questions and requests for things that they wanted to see in tomorrow’s demo, so I am spending my time here working on that. Well, after a nap to catch up from the 4:20am wake up and a shower to take the edge off. I was starting to feel rank even if I didn’t smell or anything. So wish me luck with tomorrow’s presentation. This is certainly not typical. In fact yesterday’s was very nice.

I got my supply of plastic bags ready for tomorrow.

Have you seen the new Hershey’s Kissables? I picked up two packages last night at the gas station. They are candy coated minature Hershey kisses in Red, Green, Yellow, Orange and Blue, I guess adding brown would realy have been too obvious. The candy coating is too thick. The great thing about M&M’s is the candy coating is just the perfect thickness and the chocolate inside is also perfect. Stick to bars Hershey’s you are better at that. And M&M’s get right of Mazing bars they are not good. Stick to the core roots, Milk Chocolate and Peanut M&M’s. And get a character for brown.

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