Took a Minute and Took a Nap

Photo-A-Day #2596

So, I was stranded in Charlotte all night long. I did not sleep but instead worked on blog posts played some games and watched a little TV. I was stuck sitting in baggage claim. Uncomfortable chairs and light like sunlight but harsh and terrible. So I read, watched shows, played games and blogged.

Around 5am I wandered upstairs to the security line and got in it. Had myself a greasy breakfast and an overpriced bottle of water. Let’s just say that for the price I should have felt like I was in Fiji from the first sip to the last. Instead I just felt ripped off. I got on my flight at 8:30am after a few moments of being ready to pass out. I did sleep a bit on the plane but not enough at all. So, when I got off the plane I saw the Minute Suites in Philly. I had never heard of these before but the concept is something that I really liked. You could rent a little room for a minimum of an hour to watch movies or sleep. The rooms are big enough for families to have a little bit of respite from the cacophony of the airport. I saw it but passed it by and went to read more of Game of Thrones and see if I could get on an earlier flight. I couldn’t so I had lunch and wandered back over to minute suites. I was exhausted so I broke down and used the service. I got into the room and turned up the white noise, put in my earplugs, locked the door, turned off all the lights and lay down. An hour of peace and quiet was just what I needed. It wasn’t too cheap but much less than a day pass to one of the private airline clubs and they don’t have private sleeping rooms. Overall it was worth it.

They are only in two locations but I would love to see something like this in the middle of a park like Disney. I know that more than one parent would love to have a napping ride there.

Caught my last flight and got home just in time to spend a few hours with the family.

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