Toy Review: Flutterbye Fairies

So excited about the Flutterbye Fairy

I received a Flutterbye Fairy to try out and review. Opinions expressed are 100% my own based upon my experience with the toy.The belief in fairies is alive and well in our house. Eva spoke with fairies at King Richard’s Fair. She built a fairy house out of a clay pot and she is a fan of many fairy related books and movies. When I attended Toy Fair I got to take a look at the Flutterbye Fairies and I knew that this would be something that Eva would enjoy very much.

Flying time with the Flutterbye Fairy

The fairy does fly. It takes a little bit of practice to get it right but the fairy will hover above your child’s outstretched hand. Other times, however, it will shoot up light a rocket and become stuck on the ceiling or tilt to the side and go flying across a table onto the floor. We’ve practiced a lot with the fairy and can now get her to hover gently above Eva’s hand. This is a very cute toy and the mechanics are cool to watch. The fairy will not fall and crash to the floor if she is hovering completely upright. She will “sense” the floor and hover above it. Make sure that your child keeps their hand steady and doesn’t lift it up or that will propel the fairy up higher towards the ceiling.

The Flutterbye Fairy

We enjoyed playing with the flutterbye fairy. Watching a sense of wonder on my daughter’s face was a joy to behold.

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