Maui Toys Flashing Pinwheels

Toy Review : Light up Pinwheels from Maui Toys

Maui Toys Flashing Pinwheels

The other day we received a couple of light up pinwheels from Maui Toys. One was a patriotic one in red, white and blue and the other was pink and purple. I would have loved to have had the red, white and blue one for the 4th of July and I think that Eva would have liked to have had it as well. She would have had fun as we watched the fireworks to be able to play with the light up flashing pinwheel in the breeze while on the beach. We’ll just have to remember that for next year.

The pinwheels are decent. The flashing light goes off when it is tapped. It takes a fairly significant tap to activate it We activated them more than once by tapping both pinwheels together. I would have liked to have seen an on and off switch instead because tapping them to activate just makes me think of an overzealous child slamming the pinwheel down to get it to light up. It also seems incongruous with the use of a pinwheel in the first place. This is a toy that you play with by aiming it into the wind, there is not often call to tap a pinwheel on anything. So I’d much rather have seen an on and off switch instead of tapping activation.

Other than the way the lights worked there isn’t much else to say, it is a pinwheel and it works well, it spins and is colorful. You can learn about this toy at the Maui Toys Facebook page and the Maui Toys Website.

Disclosure: We received two light up pinwheel to test and review. Opinions about them are 100% my own.

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