O.O.T.W. Gigi

Toy Review: Out of This World Dolls – From the Makers of Squinkies

O.O.T.W. Gigi

I was sent a sample Out of This World doll to review. I gave the doll to my chief reviewer, Eva. The doll is hard plastic and vibrantly colored. Each doll in the Out of This World line is colorful not only in design but in their personalities as well. Each doll has their own signature gimmick. The doll we got, Gigi is full of laughter. Push a button on her chest and she vibrates around giggling and laughing. Eva seemed to enjoy the doll, I had a few issues with it.

While the doll is colorful it doesn’t do that much. It simply vibrates and sort of spins around on a flat surface, like a table, and she emits a sound that could be laughter. The vibration drowns out the sound of the laughter though. The doll is nice for display but I am not sure how much gameplay she will see after the initial review. However, my daughter is 4 1/2 and she immediately started introducing Gigi to other toys in the house so I think that she may be enjoying this more than I would have expected. To me the doll should do a little more, be pose-able or something swap accessories or clothing with the other dolls in the line, some of which light up and have other gimmicks.

O.O.T.W. Gigi

There is also an O.O.T.W. Website with more on the girls of the Girlaxy. On the site there is the story, games and information on each of the other girls. And the girls are all “cool” so there is a O.O.T.W. Girls Facebook Page as well for the Social Media aspect.

Here is a video trailer introducing the dolls and the official information on the dolls.

The O.O.T.W. Girls are “Out of This World” trendy and cute. Each girl has a dazzling personality as unique as the stars in the galaxy. They have a passion for interstellar adventure and their vibrant imaginations take them everywhere under the sun. The Girlaxy, a futuristic place filled with bright lights and fun, funky colors, is their playground. An imaginative world where technology and astrology come together to make anything you dream of possible.

O.O.T.W. represents a new world of imaginative fun that merges the collectibility of the vinyl-mation doll craze with the irresistible design and collectibility of small dolls. The O.O.T.W. line leverages low-tech electronic functions to deliver high-tech payoffs – thoughtfully designed to reflect each doll’s unique personality and resonate with today’s kids. The ever-expanding line of collectible dolls and accessories is poised to be the must-have new collectible in small dolls!

We would love it if you would be open to reviewing this product before it even hits stores. We have thoroughly looked over countless blogs and we think your blog is the perfect fit for this line of dolls.

Disclosure: We were sent an Out Of This World Doll, Gigi, to review and play with. Opinions about the toy are 100% my own.

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