Traditional Media embracing New Media

In case you missed my post about being Frontpaged by my local newspaper about Blogs, Brews and Belly Laughs then here is the article, which you can also read here.

I’ve been seeing bloggers in the news lately and it looks very much like Traditional Media is listening to New Media and learning a thing or two.

Traditional Media is finally getting on board with New Media. The latest darling of Traditional Media is New Media star Twitter. Twitter is the subject of news broadcasts. Twitter is being used by everyone from Ellen to to get the word out and interact with people. Being a user of twitter for a while now I find the whole Twitter love lately pretty funny. However the Twitter backlash is even funnier.

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  1. you know what’s funny? I bet people whom never heard of you before, thought you might have had that many arms! LOL 🙂

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