Transformers Movie News

The highly anticipated movie Transformers will be releasing a trailer sometime in mid-April-early May. This is huge news in the Transformers fan community because any news about huge fricken’ robots is big news. Also, Nintendo intends to create two transformers games for the Nintendo DS. One will be themed on the Autobots and the other on the Decepticons. And the games can interact with each other through the DS wireless connection.

Isn’t the DS an amazing piece of technology? I remember having a gameboy and being able to play against a friend with a wire between us. This was great for a long car ride. We used them during our trip to Florida in High School. However that isn’t so great when you want to be more than 3 feet from each other. The Nintendo DS is so much more advanced with the wireless abilities.

After reading the press release I think there may be a possibility for the DS and the Wii to interact with each other through the wireless connections in both devices. The release talks about a Pokemon game that does just that and I think that because there will be three Transformers games (1 for Wii and 2 for DS) they might interact with each other as well. I will keep my eyes open for more news on this.

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