Transformers Trailer Changed

There has been a subtle and yet monumental change to the Transformers Trailer. You see, the trailer needed something, something more. What it got was a line by Peter Cullen, the voice of Optimus Prime. Granted the line sounds like he is the movie voice over guy and not exactly Optimus. I would have preferred a “Autobots! Transform! and Roll Out!” just before you see all the Autobots gathered like the posse going after the bad guys and ready to save the day. But no the line Cullen speaks is the winning line from the Make Prime Speak contest. And I’m sorry the winner’s line was lifted right from Prime’s Tech Specs on his toy package. That wasn’t an original line. Hardly anyone who entered that contest had an original line. Anyway, you can see the new trailer on the official site. Transformers The Movie. I am still waiting for that intrepid fan who will re cut this trailer for the fans. Nothing too major. The re cuts that are already out there are nice but I want the full trailer with the transforming sound and Optimus saying, “Autobots! Transform! and Roll Out!”

I also learned about a “secret” site for the Transformer’s task force, I think it has something to do with the proposed video game tie in that is coming out.

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