Starting to Get Excited about Transformers 3

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I should certainly not be getting my hopes up after the disappointing storyline of Transformers 2 but I can’t help get excited over Transformers news. Today it was announced that Both Frances McDormand and John Malkovich have joined the cast of the third movie. It was also announced that Ken Jeong from The Hangover and NBC’s Community will be a part of the cast. It has not been revealed as to who Jeong will play in the movie. Speculations begin soon as to what Autobot the Ferrari 458 Italia will be. What a sweet car.

Here is what I am hoping to see in this movie. Some great action, a story that we can follow, no continuity flubs (dead characters showing up like crazy), no drones (let’s concentrate on characters). Less humans. No more bodily functions comic relief. Get these things right and hopefully we will see redemption in this franchise.

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4 thoughts on “Starting to Get Excited about Transformers 3”

  1. I knew it was inevitable…but so soon? The one thing I think improved from the first to the second is that the characters looked distinct enough. Sometimes you lost track of who was who in the fight scenes in the first one because all of the chrome on the secondary characters that made them all look too similar in ‘robot form’. I can’t say I am going to rush out to the movies and see the third one at this point. I have enjoyed France McDormand’s work, but her presence really makes me curious. Maybe she just has a good sense of humor or wants to try something REALLY different.
    .-= Look at what Chris@TheSnackHound wrote blog ..One…Two…Three…Peanut Butter Cookies =-.

    1. Chris,
      I think the first was better than the second. The second had too many characters and tons of drones in the background, they had the designs and used them over and over. They had the gestalt character (devastator) fighting at the same time the limbs of the character were fighting as well. Sloppy. I’m truly hoping that this next one gets things right, I’m sure there will be major errors because Bay is sloppy in his storytelling and arrogant and disdainful enough of fans to not care.

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