Last night was Chili and S’mores night at Amy and Ryan’s. However Ryan was out fulfilling his movie dreams and acting in an independent film in New Hampshire. So, it was Allison and I and Amy, T.R., Jenn, and Beth. You can read that it was just me and the five ladies. Once Mason went to bed I was truly outnumbered. I did get to read alot of my user manual for the new camera. And I got to play some Thomas The Tank engine with Mason. I am learning who is who in the Thomas world.

We had a very good time and some great food. Allison made a top notch chili, there was salad, and Corn Bread! I love corn bread. I can’t get enough of it. I even had some for breakfast today. Then later on in the evening after Mason was tucked in bed sleeping we made a fire in the portable fire pit and roasted some marshmallows and made some s’mores. A good time and I held my own while treading water in the Estrogen Ocean. Here is a picture of what I saw as I ate dinner. I was truly outnumbered. And, of course, a very lucky man.

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