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Tricia over at Tricia’s Musings is going to host the Photo-a-Day banner. Tricia is very busy and has many blogs. One of her newest blogs is Celebrity Scoop, a celebrity news site. The site is new but with Tricia’s prolific writing I think that content will fill up fast over there. Another site that Tricia is associated with is her husband’s blog called Odd Planet, it is a humor site. And what I’ve seen so far is pretty funny. The sign on Odd Planet is very clever and amusing. Why don’t you head on over and check out each of these sites.

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One thought on “Tricia’s many blogs…”

  1. Finally! I just wrote up my Thursday Thirteen and I’m spreading all kinds of linky love in it.

    Unfortunately my webhost has decided to go down again so I can’t publish or even save my darn post. If I can stay up a bit longer it will get posted soon. I hadn’t put the photo a day banner in my sidebar yet either. If my site comes back up in the next few minutes I’ll put it in the left sidebar, otherwise I’ll save that for just a little later today. Either way it will get put in the sidebar today.

    Do you remember me posting on Monday right around 1130 am in the puzzle thread that my sites went down? They were down for an hour right at the critical time during the puzzle hunt. I’m going to divorce my web host! Grrrrr!’

    BTW PPP’s been down since about 11 pm EST and must still be down. The PPP badge isn’t loading on any of the sites that it’s on and it’s either causing the sites not to load or for the sidebar to not load. For your site I can only see two posts and no sidebar. PPP is really messing up lately. Oh it’s 4:30 am – so that means PPP has been having trouble for 5.5 hours!

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