Trimming the Little Trees

Photo-A-Day #2440

Today we put up Eva’s little tree and Andrew’s little tree. These are for their bedrooms but Eva decided that she wanted her’s in the hallway and we were going to put Andrew’s there anyway. Eva received this little tree when she was born and it has been set up in her room every year ever since. Each year we buy one special ornament for her tree and we are doing the same thing for Andrew. This year Eva has a very special Jessie (from Toy Story) ornament and Andrew has a very cute sled made to look like a pack of Crayola crayons.

It was a day of running errands too. We had to hit the Mall to get some gifts and I had to do a special shop for Collective Bias over at Sears. I was on a mission to pick up lights for the front of the house. My friend Eric Nagel is a master at lighting design for Christmas and I send him a photo of the house as well as a link to Sears. He not only sent me the list of things to buy but also sent my photo back with what that setup would look like. Amazing. Thanks Eric!

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