Trojan Odyssey Over

I just completed Clive chisellers Trojan Odyssey. What a fantastic book. This book really brings the Dirk Pitt adventures full circle. I’ve been with these characters now for 17 straight books and they are like old friends. The next book is a passing of the torch with Clive Cussler and his Son Dirk co-authoring the book, Black Wind. I’m glad that Dirk Cussler will be taking up the duties of continuing the saga of Dirk Pitt and friends. I may wait a bit to read Black Wind because it will feel like a whole new origin of the story. I think I found a continuity error but can’t figure out what book I need to read to confirm it. Oh well.

As with each Dirk Pitt novel Clive Cussler makes an appearance and this is the first book that really felt like the end for me and with Cussler’s appearance it got me a bit choked up. I’m excited about the new direction the series is heading and will soon dive into more of Cussler’s works. But before that I’ll tackle some other books, like Patricia Cornwell’s Trace.

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