Trollhunters has Returned for Part 2 on Netflix #StreamTeam

Trolhunters Part 2

I recently watched Part 2 of Trollhunters, or rather Season 2 on Netflix. It came out on Friday with 13 new episodes and the story of Jim Lake Jr., Clare and Tobias continues to grow. At the end of the first season Jim travels to the Darklands to find Clare’s brother, Enrique. He did this by himself, shutting himself away from his friends. While he has been gone they have been taking on Trollhunter duties and also covering for Jim. They are trying to keep up appearances until Jim returns.

The Darklands are quite dangerous enough but to make things worse an exiled Troll named Gunmar resides there. His only goal is to return to Arcadia and conquer the Earth with his troll henchmen. You can get an idea of what is coming with Season two in the Trailer here.

The kids and I watche dall of season one of Trollhunters together and they loved it. I think that they are going to enjoy season two as well. Ten when Season 3 comes along we are getting into the whole Tales of Arcadia thing. This is where we pull back the curtain of Arcadia even further to learn that there are aliens as well as wizards living there. So many strange occurrences happen there. I do have a new clip from Part 2 of DreamWorks Animation Television’s Emmy Award-winning TROLLHUNTERS, from Guillermo del Toro.

I also have more information DreamWorks TROLLHUNTERS PART 2 below.


In Part 2 of the epic saga DreamWorks Trollhunters, ordinary teen-turned-Trollhunter Jim Lake Jr. faces new challenges in his continued battle to protect his hometown of Arcadia and the fantastical Troll world he inherited. Jim’s risky decision to enter the Darklands unearths startling discoveries, forcing him and his friends to face gripping consequences as they race to end the battle against evil.

This global family viewing event from acclaimed filmmaker Guillermo del Toro will bring viewers of all ages together, debuting only on Netflix, Friday, December 15.

Part 2 features new voices Mark Hamill, Lena Headey and David Bradley, who join Kelsey Grammer in his Emmy-winning role as Blinky, Steven Yeun (Steve), Anjelica Huston (Queen Ursurna), Jonathan Hyde (Strickler), Amy Landecker (Barbara) and Charlie Saxton (Toby). The late Anton Yelchin, who completed recording through Part 2, voices the lead role of Jim Lake, Jr.

The Netflix original series premiered on Dec 23, 2016, with the first-ever 26-episode debut, which lead the Creative Arts Daytime Emmys with six wins, more than any other program, including writing for an animated program (Marc Guggenheim), directing (Rodrigo Blaas, del Toro), casting (Ania O’Hare, Mary Hildalgo) and a voice acting win for Grammer.

DreamWorks Trollhunters is created and executive produced by del Toro with Marc Guggenheim (Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow), Rodrigo Blaas (Alma) and Chad Hammes (Dragons: Race to the Edge) and Christina Steinberg (Rise of the Guardians) serving as executive producers. Dan Hageman (The Lego Movie, Ninjago) and Kevin Hageman (The Lego Movie, Ninjago) serve as co-executive producers.

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