Last night maybe I was too tired or burnt out from the trip home but I just couldn’t get into this show. Commercials for Notes from the Underbelly made me some what interested in the show. However even though I laughed out loud multiple times while watching it I just couldn’t get into it.

Did Anyone Like it? Leave me a comment and see if you can persuade me to give it another chance. I would really like to hear what visitors have to say about this show.

Don’t forget to set your VCRs this Sunday for DRIVE on Fox. Also don’t forget that Drive‘s regular night is Monday so between Sunday and Monday you’ll have 3 hours of Drive to watch. If you want to know more about the TV Show Drive then check out my post on DRIVE.

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No Responses to “TV Show: Notes from the Underbelly”

  1. Sparky says:

    I thought it was cute. The VCR was set to tape October Road, so this was taped and we can watch it later.

  2. Happy Blogger says:

    I missed it! I too, had wanted to see it–it looked like a bunch of cliche (mind you–mother of 4–I’ve heard them all) but I did want to see it! Hopefully a rerun will come around!!