Family Meal at Mac and Walts
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Today was our twelfth wedding anniversary. Our day began with church as a family. We saw my mom before and afterwards. Dad called me to wish me a happy anniversary as I drove home from work. After work I went home to sleep for the day and must have been very tired because I slept all the way till four-thirty. When I got up we went over to Mac and Walt’s for dinner.

Dinner was excellent. We enjoyed some fried pickles and pretzels. We love their fried pickles and especially the sauce that comes with it. We had not done the pretzels before but they were very good too, I especially liked the stone ground mustard, it had a sweet taste to it, too.

Our main dishes arrived and we opted for mostly burgers and mac and cheese. Andrew had the mac and cheese and I got the mac and cheese burger. That was crazy and had so much cheese plus some thick cut candied bacon. That was amazing stuff. Allison and Eva each got a Walt’s Burger that had fried pickles and onion rings on it. There was a ton of good food and we loved it. Our waitress even took a photo of us that we posted to facebook.

goofing with Eva

We took some silly photos while we were there, too. Eva and I goofing around.

Allison and her little man

Allison and Andrew being sweet.

posing with Yosemite Sam

The kids with Yosemite Sam.

While we were eating we talked about gifts and somehow Allison’s wedding gift to me came up. We talked about how Wes Molebash came to our house and stayed with us many years ago and we showed the kids the framed cartoon that Allison gave me. The kids got a big kick out of that.

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