Ugly Sweater Competition

Ugly Sweater Competition
Photo-A-Day #1354

Today at work I noticed a plethora of ugly Christmas Sweaters. Since I switched groups I missed the e-mail telling us about the 1st Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest. I was one of the judges and took many pictures including the one above. It was hilarious. The winner received a fruitcake as a prize. It was way too funny. Which sweater do you think should have won? LEave me a comment with your choice.

Other than that, slow day. A day and a half left of work and then Christmas starts. Went to the Supermarket with Dad tonight. I used the scanner thing and he did the traditional way, it made separating everything at the end easy because all of my stuff was already bagged. You have to watch yourself in the supermarket or really anywhere that you shop, there are things that make little sense and end up costing you money. For example I picked up a bottle of vitamins it was $11.99 with $3.00 off 300 count. Next to it was the smaller bottle of 100 count. This bottle was $4.99 with $3.00 off a bottle. So I could get 300 count for 8.99 or for $6.00, hmmm I wonder. You gotta check things out. Packaging is made to do that. To make you think you are getting more than you are.

We walked over to the ice cream and there were two brands selling equal amounts of ice cream. One was 2 for $6 and the other 2 for $5 but the 2 for $6 packaging looks bigger, it is not but it certainly looks that way. Only by looking at packaging do you see the real value.

Good luck with the rest of your Christmas Shopping. I am now finished. I picked up a bunch of stocking gifts for Allison tonight. Wait, not done, didn’t get stocking gifts for Eva. I’ll do that Wednesday before the Christmas Party. Now, where did I put that ugly Christmas sweater.

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21 thoughts on “Ugly Sweater Competition”

  1. I’m pretty sure my mother has all of those sweaters…unfortunately she doesn’t see them as ugly at all. She also has a necklace that looks like a string of Christmas lights, that don’t light up…but she wears them with pride. Last year she got a light up Rudolph nose.

    Then I moved away…hmmm…coincidence?

    Mos last blog post..Sunshine…lollipops…and a Big Box of Awesome!

  2. Mo,
    They don’t even light up, for shame, that would totally make the whole outfit. I will say that I think every sweater in the picture is a woman’s sweater. When asked where one guy got his, he replied, eBay. I would not advise wearing your own stuff to this competition.

  3. The lady in front, far right in the photo, is my pick.

    I hear you about product packaging. It’s too easy to assume that the large *economy* size is a better value. I’ve also found that it’s not always so. I always check the unit price tags on the shelves to be sure.

    Christines last blog post..Happy Hanukkah!

  4. My mother has matching hats for those sweaters. Every time my girlfriend gets Christmas stress I tell her ” don’t make me have you wear one of the “crazy” hats in to work.” It calms her down everytime. Sort of a hat détente to stress.

    My nephew noticed at McDonalds that 3 dollar menu 4 piece Mcnuggets are 3.00 dollars but a 10 piece is 3.69 .Smart shopping at an early age.

    lennys last blog post..BACON, BACON, BACON

  5. Lenny,
    That is too funny. Crazy Christmas hats, that could be a contest for next year.

    Yep, packaging is there to trick us for sure.

  6. I think the guy on the far right: red sweater-vest, red tie, white shirt. Not only does it look like a woman’s sweater (check out the lady in the back in something way too similar) it’s just too cutesy. Especially for a man.

  7. I don’t know about sweaters, but what is on that ladies head in the back? It is kind of scary lol.
    If I had to choose a sweater it would be either the gray one in the back, or the green one in the front.

  8. I have spent some time reviewing this and I have decided who I think has the worst sweater.
    I had to disqualify the guy with the hat and the girl in the back with the bulbs in ther hair. The contest is about sweater and these are shameless attempt to draw attention. If either of them wear those things on their head for 8 day through the year I will allow them to compete but I doubt they normall wear that stuff.

    The lady in the middle with the sweater vest got second place but here sweater looks to much like a K-mart smock.

    The winner is the guy on the right with the sweater vest. The fact that it is button down and barely fits add imensely to my enjoyment.

  9. I think I chose the gray because it is drab compared to all the green and red, even the black stands out. I chose the green because it is way way to busy lol.

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