Ugly Sweaters and Elf Bowling

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Today was the annual Ugly Sweater party at work. It is an annual thing that has been happening for the past three years. I photographed it last year and missed it the year before that, but this year I was able to participate in the event. I picked up a sweater at Kohls but it wasn’t ugly, in fact I really liked it so I picked up some ugly thing from Target to use to decorate it and ugly-fy it.


The actual event was really a lot of fun. We had quite a few people who participated and everyone got to walk the “catwalk” for the audience and judges. Everyone had to strut their stuff. The participants were so funny. I hung out at the judge’s table and took shots of everyone. The final winner got the really swell trophy in the photo above.

Tonight the group went to Pinz Bowling in Milford, MA. We had a fantastic time and I caught a photo of everyone who participated on the teams. Allison and Eva came to the bowling event too. Eva loved it so much. She took hold of the hand of one of my co-workers and asked her to take her to bowl. Eva bowled half my frames and half of that woman’s frames, it was funny.

Future Kingpin

After bowling Allison and Eva and I went to the video game area. Eva was sitting on a car racing game and I figured that she might want to sit and drive on my lap while I worked the gas pedal. So I went to fill out a card with some money. You can’t put quarters into machines anymore they have to be swipe cards. The smalled thing I had was a 20 and I figured I could specify that I wanted to spend $5.00. No dice it ate the whole $20. So I went to the game and played with Eva on my lap, she was disinterested after 3 minutes.

Am I over the Speed Limit?

Then I played the game on that $1 swipe for three races. I don’t like how video game play has changed to be a scam. Some games are $1.99, so that means that you can never really spend your money accurately there will always be some left on the card. I had a ton left on the card and gave it to my friends after I left for the night.

We had a delicious meal at the Blue Dog Sports Bar & Grill. It ended up being a late night for Eva, I hope she sleeps well.

Coloring with Momma

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