Ultimate Christmas Games Link List 2009


Each year my friends at work look for the fun Christmas games that are scattered across the web. Below is the list of fun things that we have found over the years and also I’ve added in some things for the Kids.

For the Kids

Kid’s Christmas Activities

Fun with Photos

Funny Christmas Videos

Funny Elf Bowling Christmas Games

Other Fun Christmas Games

If you know of other fun games let me know, leave a comment with the link and get some linky love.

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4 thoughts on “Ultimate Christmas Games Link List 2009”

  1. Nice Ben, totally forgot about Elf bowling.

    I am going to have to have myself a couple frames and see if i still got game. I used to be quite good…but i think i had a cheat code or something if I remember correctly for the original, but nice list Ben.

    I saw another Santa Game called Santa Blast on gameshot.org, here is the permalink to the Santa game: http://www.gameshot.org?id=4420 – Essentially you collect gifts, you get TNT for an extra boost in case your a bit slow in grabbing a present or two.

    It’s alright, but elf bowling is by far the classic xmas game IMO. Nothing gets you in the holiday spirit like knocking out elves with a bowling ball.

    Cheers and Happy Holidays from North Hollywood!@ – Geoff

    1. Geoff,
      Thanks very much for the suggestion of Santa Blast. I haven’t yet found a game that is better than Elf bowling. I guess being the first and funniest makes the subsequent outings pale in comparison.

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