Unboxing the National Geographic Kids PleyBox – The Great Barrier Reef

National Geographic Junior Explorers Clubbr>Photo-A-Day #4569

Pley sends us the National Geographic Junior Explorers Club Box each month for free to unbox, try out and review. I am also an affiliate of the product. Our opinions are our own.

When I was growing up my Aunt Cindy gave me a subscription to National Geographic. The magazine was really important and filled with amazing photography and great stories from places all over the world. It really expanded my knowledge of the world around me and the photos were inspiring. We no longer have that subscription but we do have the new Pley National Geographic Mystery Box that comes every couple of months. With this we can explore all sorts of places. The boxes are filed with interesting things like little toys, fact cards, a box, a t-shirt and an activity packet. There is also an online component to the subscription. Kids can have fun and learn along the way. the book inside is perfectly age appropriate for Andrew. We read through it together and had a great time.

The first box that we received was the Great Barrier Reef. The PleyBoxes are meant to be opened in a series because each mission builds off the last. We are a little behind. there have been a few boxes released so far and the next one will be about the Serengeti. You can purchase your very own subscription to the National Geographic Kids PleyBox and get 25% off your first box with the code Welcome25. A great gift for Christmas to last a child all year long. Order Today.

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