Up 'Round the Bend
Photo-A-Day #1294

After the demonstrations today I went for a drive around Oswego. I was going to try and go directly to the lighthouse but the traffic getting over the bridge on Utica Street was pretty heavy so I took the turn the other way. I ended up driving to an open area next to Fort Ontario. There was a big opening in the fence so I scooted through to the railroad tracks. The sun was setting and it was directly in my way. I decided to use it and also use some leading techniques to get the Photo-A-Day today. I love how it turned out.

Tomorrow I head back home. I hope the weather is good because I also hope to take a side trip or two to take photos.


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8 Responses to “Up ‘Round the Bend”

  1. MJ Klein says:

    nice effect on the sun through the trees!

    MJ Kleins last blog post..10/19 Blogger Meetup in Taipei

  2. Drew says:

    Thanks MJ, there was no enhancement done to this image either. I did it all through manual settings.

  3. stephen says:


    Nice work this is one of you better photos this year. It has a nice subdued effect but also seems to tell a story. Is there a train coming? What is around the corner. If I go over there will I find some maiden tied to the tracks?

    Kind of the calm before the storm effect.

  4. spartan says:

    Great shot, but it makes me depressed a bit. Any chance you have anything from Detroit in the archives. I would love to see the Gotham city from your lens.

  5. Drew says:

    This is the best comment you’ve left me this past year too. I guess I have to take better pictures, huh. I got that same feeling while I was taking this shot. I originally intended to take a photo of the lighthouse but it just didn’t speak to me like this railroad track did.

  6. Drew says:

    The most I’d been in Detroit was the airport. Sorry, no great shots from there.

  7. Drew says:

    Thanks Andrea.