USB Label Printer

I love USB gadgets. I have so many of them attached to my computer and I even got a few devises that allow me to attach even more USB devices. Well, we don’t yet have a Label Printer and I think we could use one. Allison constantly prints out different address labels for different holidays and makes things personal. With a Dymo LabelWriter she can make special labels all the time. But this label maker not only prints labels it also prints online stamps. No need to order stamps from the Post Office when we can pay for and print them at home.

With the cost of postage continuing to fluctuate it is easier to print out stamps at home rather than to buy a bunch just to buy a bunch of 1 or 2 cent stamps just so you can use them. This label printer would be fantastic for a small home business because rather than running to the post office you can be printing your own stamps.

There are so many different applications for this device. We have a hand held Dymo LabelWriter and it has certainly helped organize our lives. This USB label printer from Dymo can help out even more. I’d love to have one in our home.

But the printer I really would love to have in the house is a Dymo DiscPainter. We make DVDs and CDs all the time, especially with all my photos and videos. A sharpie marker just doesn’t cut it for a label maker. A DiscPainter from Dymo is a perfect piece of equipment for my home office. And as I get into doing more photography for people then this would be perfect to use to make DVDs and CDs custom for my customers.

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