VIEWTY, a 5.1MP camera phone from LG

So I know what I want this holiday season. LG has a touch screen phone called the VIEWTY. It is the LG KU990 and it has already started selling in Europe. Why do other countries get these phones first? I don’t get it.

Anyway from what I have been reading the VIEWTY has a 5.1MP camera built in with Flash and autofocus. The shutter lag on this phone is 2 seconds. That is much better than the 5 to 10 seconds on most other phones. You also have settings that you can change on the camera phone like white balance and size and quality. These are features of a digital camera and virtually unseen on camera phones. LG really has a great item on their hands with the VIEWTY.

The VIEWTY also features a touch screen and writing text messages with the VIEWTY is much better than other touch screen models because there is a tactile feedback when the user types a letter on the keyboard.

For video settings you have many options as well and can even record at 120fps and when you playback at 30fps you can get a ‘slow motion effect’. Very very cool.

I am hoping that the VIEWTY will make its way into my stocking this Christmas.

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