Visit to Mimi Marcia and Grandpa Dano…

In February I’m going to be heading to a conference in Orlando and Allison and Eva will be heading to visit with Mimi Marcia and Grandpa Dano. I looked for some flights for this trip this morning at 4:15am. Eva was awake and so was I.

I am looking forward to the many Orlando vacations that we will have over the years with Eva. She is much to small right now to take to Disney but I know we will take her there many times over the years. For now we will enjoy a walk around the Downtown Disney Area and getting her little gifts at the Disney store. And then later we will take visits to Mimi Marcia and Grandpa Dano and we will all go to Disney together.

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4 thoughts on “Visit to Mimi Marcia and Grandpa Dano…”

  1. That will be so fun! You’ll have to go to Universal and take her to Hogwarts when she’s old enough too. And Sea World is fantastic-especially with a baby because you can walk her in the stroller and get to see the shows. They even have Sesame Street with Elmo now!!

  2. Those ideas sound fun Mo. I think we will do something up around Orlando during that vacation. I’ve got to see what my points will get me.

  3. ‘Grandpa’ Dano was fine, it was straight up Dano that was vetoed. Thanks for commenting Ian, it was nice to see you when you came to visit.

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