Visiting the Turner Reservoir

Photo-A-Day #1884

Today Allison, Eva and I took a walk around Turner Reservoir in East Providence/Seekonk. My friend Keith Gonsalves of the Ten Mile River Watershed Council sent out a message that there was going to be a walk today. This was the first time that Allison and Eva got a chance to come with me on any of the Watershed Council events. They had a nice time.

While we were on our walk I decided to use Everytrail to record the walk as well as geotag the photos I would take with my Motorla Droid. I’ve used Everytrail with limited success. The app crashes over and over however even with a full restart I was able to capture the entire trip and all the photos. And you will notice no camera information because the EXIF data was stripped off when it was uploaded. We found this beautiful butterfly hanging out on the ground for a little bit right as we resumed the walked after a quick shuttle trip (one part of the walk is on the road and rather than put our safety at risk Keith set up a shuttle for us). The Turner Reservoir has something for everyone, hiking/bike trails, a place to paddle and also a place to fish.

I took my Nikon D80 with me as well and forgot the SD card, so I carried the camera in my F-Stop Gear Navin. The bag was great and I figured out how that a great use of the side pocket would be to store additional SD cards. Luckily I had the cell phone and could still capture photos from our trip.

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9 thoughts on “Visiting the Turner Reservoir”

    1. Dad,

      It was a nice walk. Eva did pretty well for most of it, she was carried for almost half of it. It was wet.

  1. Nice to see Allison and Eva bo, it was a good family day, nice app that everytrail, Thanks for joining the walk, and the pictures

    1. Keith,
      They had a very nice time and it was good to see you again. I’m looking forward to the next trip, Roger Williams Paddle.

    1. Thanks Deborah,
      Everytrail works fairly well, not 100% but fairly well. The camera takes too long to get it done though.

  2. Hey I was just wondering do you do all the writing yourself or do you have guest writers. I’m enjoying your blog. Thanks.

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