Walking Around the Park

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I’ve been talking walks this past week to get my physical fitness level up. I’ve been a wicked bump on a log for far too long and so I’m trying to get out there and move. I’m using an app on my iPhone called the Pedometer Ultimate app and it has been great. The app records my walk and also keeps GPS info on where I walked. When I am done with the walk I simply hit stop and automatically the app posts my results to Facebook and Twitter.

I’ve never really been one who was motivated much by what other people say. Never really saw the point of people cheering for me while I ran (at least in the one race I did). It just did not motivate me. The funny thing is that I’m more motivated by people liking my status update or replying to me on Twitter when I post my completion of my walk. I sort of feel like if I miss a day, even if it is my skip day, I’m accountable because people that I know are pulling for me.

I guess I enjoy doing the activity on my own but then getting the “attaboy” from my social media friends is making a difference. And now I look ahead to 36 hours of work and 36 hours of sleep (give or take) before I work out again. And I sort of feel like I need to explain my lack of working out even though I finally started up again this week for the first time in such a long time.

I end up walking around Capron Park for much of my walk but each day I try to change it up and find new places to go. But the park is nice and there are people enjoying it even though it was a bit cold this morning. The sun was coming up and I walked by the Civil War monument and liked how it looked so I snapped this on the go.

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6 thoughts on “Walking Around the Park”

  1. A long walk is definite a refreshing and pleasant activity. It not only improves your health but also releases emotional stress. Sometimes I wonder why do people consider walking as a wastage of time. Probably they cannot walk in isolation. I recommend they should find a good companion for this healthy activity.
    Look at what Remy Kelvin wrote blog post ..What is Anxiety and What are its Symptoms

  2. Such a beautiful shot! That park must be really beautiful. I think I’m going to discover it when I’m there next time.

  3. sounds refreshing
    the nike+ipod app for a pedometer and tracker is perfect for getting out and about, also shows burnt calories and a GPS trail

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