Wasting Away in IKEA-ville Searching for my Lost Sklvuldnik

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We went to IKEA today. On Monday’s at our IKEA they have Free Breakfast so we got there in time for us each to receive their free breakfast. Normally it is $0.99 and it is pretty decent size for that price alone. The only thing we had to buy were drinks and we got out of there easy.

We were at IKEA to buy Eva a small table for her bedroom along with some chairs so that she could play and color and have tea parties and such on the table. We were also on the lookout for a new dresser for Eva. The Baby will be getting the Dresser that we had bought when Eva was a baby. It matches the crib/toddler bed. So Eva’s new dresser is this funky blue one to go with her blue ceiling and the table and chairs are white but Eva and Allison will paint them together. A project that I know Eva is really looking forward to doing.

We also took advantage of the child watch type area that they have at IKEA. We brought Eva there so that Allison and I could walk around and decide on a few things that we’ll purchase at a later date. It was nice to have that option and Eva seemed to enjoy herself there too.

After we picked up everything that we went to buy (and a few things we didn’t) we had lunch and headed home. Total for two meals for three people at IKEA ($12 bucks).

We got home and I dropped of the truck to Grandfather and picked up the baby car seat from the attic of the house. I forgot that there was not light up there so I quickly downloaded a flashlight app to my iPhone 4S. Man I love that thing. With the baby stuff in tow I headed home.

Dinner and then a few rounds of French Toast Forgets His Lunch (A SwagsGiving Game being given away later this week). and then bedtime for Eva. Then I got to work on a review of the LEGO Master Builder Academy set that is another SwagsGiving giveaway that goes live in two days. I LOVE the set! MY Mom got it for Eva and I and then LEGO sent me a copy to give away for SwagsGiving. So stay tuned for that.

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  1. Ikea is like Furniture Disney:) I love it there! My parents got Gina a table and chair set there a few years ago. It’s awesome-it’s indoor outdoor so she can color and have fun:)

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