Watch for the Blog Rush

Actually don’t watch for the Blog Rush, be a part of it. Join in now while the rush has begun. I joined today on two of my blogs so far. I’ll be signing up the others and adding them to the Blog Rush in the next few days.

Blog Rush is a new service that when you sign up and add the blog rush widget to your blog you gain exposure out there on other blogs. There is a video on the Blog Rush that explains everything really well but here is my attempt.

Say that his blog gets 100 visitors each day, each time a new visitor come to this blog it creates a page impression. If 100 people come each day I am credited with 100 page impressions that count as my blog posts being displayed on other blogs Blog Rush widgets.

Suppose you sign up for Blog Rush through me, I get my 100 impressions from my blog but also the impressions that your blog makes. Sounds good for me but what about you. You get your impressions from visitors to your blog and bloggers can sign up through your Blog Rush and you gain additional impressions from those referrals.

So it makes sense to get in early and recruit (without spamming) bloggers to join Blog Rush.

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