Photo-A-Day #2897

Today was a day for running errands. We had Eva’s PT this morning and had to get her knee stabilizers. She’s in-toed and we’re working with physical therapy to help correct that so that she can run without falling over her own feet. She loves physical therapy but absolutely hates that she has to wear braces at night and also has to wear boots and a bar soon. She’s worn the boots a few times to get used to them but the braces are brand new and she HATES them. She and Allison even decorated them to make them “cooler”. Bedtime was difficult tonight.

What wasn’t difficult was our trip to Toys R Us today. We went because the kids had a couple of gift cards from Christmas. We got Andrew a set of Duplo and we found three Skylanders. I found Series 2 Wrecking Ball on the rack and then talked with one of the associates. He asked what we were looking for and I told him that we were looking for Ninjini and Spyro. He said he’d take a look for us. A few minutes later out he came with both of the figures. What a great find! Eva was so excited about it that she danced around with her.

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