We have our own Peonies

Photo-A-Day #2605

I was walking outside to pick up some trash in the front of the house. Plastic bottle, empty pack of cigarettes and a few other things. The bottle I picked up to rescue it from our local vagrant children who tend to congregate on our corner. One of the little geniuses was trying to pound the plastic bottle down the storm grate. He gave up after a few minutes. When I walked back up the sidewalk I noticed the peonies growing along the fence. These are some of my favorite flowers. Our neighbors back in North Attleboro had a bunch of them lining their driveway. I loved photographing them, now I’m happy we have our own.

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2 thoughts on “We have our own Peonies”

    1. Our Rhododendrons did a while back but we haven’t had a bad rain around here in a while to knock out the Peonies.

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