Allison and I with Alton Brown

Okay, so it was months ago back in September at the Barnes and Noble in Burlington, MA. But hey, we met Alton Brown and we are very excited about it. For those who are not in the know about Alton, listen up. Alton Brown is the host of Food Network’s Good Eats show.

It is on every single night at 11:30pm and early morning at 3:00am. He is also on on Wednesday nights at 9:00pm. The show is a Bill Nye the Science Guys meets Julia Child. Alton is a charismatic and personable guy. His show will entertain and teach you like no other food show you’ve ever seen. Alton is also an author and has two books out in print. I’m Just Here for the Food and Gear for your Kitchen. We got Alton to sign two copies each of the books. One set for us and one set for Tara and Erik’s Wedding Gift. Check out Alton Brown on his website and on the Official Food Network Good Eats site.

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4 Responses to “We Met Alton Brown!”

  1. Mo says:

    Fun times! I can’t believe this was so long ago!! I love Allison’s hair in this photo!! Congrats on the new site…GOOD LUCK!!

  2. Christine says:

    Hey! Am I one of the first to comment on your new digs?

    Anyway, I just HAD to comment on this…although this was 3+ years ago, I am still oozingly jealous! I love AB, and I hope he’ll swing back this way again someday, so I can meet him, too!

    Cooking show people I have met: Nick Stellino and Michael Chiarello. Also, Chris Kimball and Adam Ried of “America’s Test Kitchen” (I toured the set in Brookline). All signed books for me, but none are as cool as AB.

  3. […] Last night Allison and I returned home and exchanged gifts with my parents. Then we came upstairs and exchanged our gifts together. Allison is all decked out with AB gear for the kitchen. Alton Brown, for those of you who are not on the Good Eats bandwagon yet. He’s a great entertainer and we met him. […]

  4. […] for one person to use. The thing is these little novelties are pretty much unitaskers as my friend Alton Brown would state during an episode of Good Eats. I say friend because I met him in person and we had a […]

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