We Miss Vilai

We Miss Vilai
Photo-A-Day #1340

One of my co-workers left this past Friday and today when I arrived there was this sad dog sitting at her chair. I know who put it there and they spoke for all of us who miss her. She didn’t get fired or anything, she had to leave because she was moving. Anyway, we will be missing her with us.

the big box of awesome contest is going really well. There are so many people who have entered. Although I am finding that the other bloggers that I know are snooping around in my big box of awesome. They’ve gone through it and decided to reveal many of the items found within. That means I’m not going to have many other things to reveal on my own. I guess that means I have to add a couple more things in the box. If you are interested in finding out what items have already been revealed but please go visit these bloggers.

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Today I came home to two boxes filled with awesome. The first was a 1 TB FreeAent XTreme external hard drive from Seagate. I won that from a contest on The Dirty Shirt. I will use that hard drive as a second backup for all of my photos. Because we are using digital cameras, digital video cameras and many other forms of capturing digital images the bulk of my relationship with Allison has been captured digitally. We would both be devastated if we lost those items. So my plan is to backup my images each month and place a second hard drive into a fireproof box. I think this will be the best way to ensure that we do not lose precious photos and memories.

The other box was filled with some items for Christmas. So I really can’t do a blog post about them right now. That information is going to drive Allison nuts. Sorry hon. much of this post has been written with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. I connected the wireless headset that I purchased the other day as my Christmas gift from Mimi and Grandpa Dano. The most part it’s worked really really well but I do need to train Dragon more.

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11 thoughts on “We Miss Vilai”

  1. The most effective and trusted way to Backup is to have a Disaster Proof External Hard Drive that will protect your Data from Fire for up to 3 hours, an example is the “ProtectItSafe” a new product released November 2008. This will give Fire, Flood, Crush and Security protection. This allows the user to have it connected at all times to their Data source and know that their Data is being backed up and is secure.

  2. Oh, I need to try that language thingy one day. Sounds pretty neat.
    I’m getting a second 320GB drive on Friday.
    Decent price and small.
    Nothing bigger to find in the next BIG city we have close by (50km).
    Better than nothing, I’m running out of storage and I’m not even shooting RAW yet 🙁

    Now, I’ll try to find that box of goodies of yours and try to figure what it’s all about 😉

    Nicoles last blog post..Trash

  3. Nicole,
    320GB is a good start. I don’t shoot raw either. I shoot JPEG and probably should shoot raw. Dragon is a great product, there are opportunities for bloggers who want to try it on PayPerPost.

    Get cracking on my big box of awesome! It is a fun box of great stuff.

  4. I am glad, I could get (well, will get “we have to order, will be here tomorrow…argh) a “big” one like that.
    I’m already out of room on my 180GB Western Digital. I don’t even know what brand the new one will be. I take what I can get and make enough Backups on DVD 😉

    I’m sure that those PayperPost will count for US citizens (living in the US) only. I make a bet on it.
    Sigh again 😉

    And checked the big box (popped up when I added your RSS feed 😉 ) and well, maybe one day you make a small box for people outside and I’ll give it a try 😉
    Can be a very very tiny one 😛

    Nicoles last blog post..Trash

  5. Don’t worry.
    I’m just teasing you 😉

    But IN CASE you get NIKON as a sponsor one day, please don’t forget to let me know 😛

    Nicoles last blog post..Trash

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