We need a vacation…

So, traveling for four days after not traveling for so long I am looking forward to my next vacation. My next vacation will be part of a work trip too and it will be to Florida. Florida is one of the places that I enjoy traveling to for vacation but one of my favorite places is Cape Cod.

My family has had a home on the Cape for over 25 years and each summer we have so much fun going there. We are directly across from Martha’s Vineyard, it is just a ride on the Island Queen away. And yet, in the six years that Allison and I have been together we have not gone there together. I found a great site where we could find Martha's Vineyard vacation rentals when we finally do decide to go and stay there.

The website is called weneedavacation.com and has video listings of the homes for rent from the Cape as well as from Florida. Those are the major locations that the site focuses on and I think that is a great thing. It makes it much easier to search for some vacation places in either of those locations. When you search you can also see videos of each of the rental properties that you search on. Homeowners who list with weneedavacation.com can make videos of their properties so that renters can really see what they are going to rent.

If you are interested in finding a cottage or a beach house from Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket and homes from Plymouth to Provincetown. Cape Cod vacation you can search thousands listings on the Cape.

If Florida is your destination of choice you can search for luxury villas to rent in Naples, beach houses in Destin, and condos in Sarasota. You can even find Disney vacations and tons of rentals in the Orlando area.

And if you have a home to rent you can join weneedavacation.com and put up a listing of your property.

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4 thoughts on “We need a vacation…”

  1. Can it find me an apartment!!? Haa!! Hopefully we can arrange a meet up on your vacation-I’d love to see you guys!!!

  2. I don’t know if it can find you an apartment but we will certainly look into getting caught up with you during our vacation.

  3. We didn’t find anything we wanted but we will keep looking. I post daily Jason, please come on back as often as you’d like. Today’s photos are really fun.

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