We Should Be Packing up for the Move

Photo-A-Day #2295

So we are moving in a week and a half. The floor guy has done an amazing job and tomorrow will apply the third and final coat. We popped over to the house tonight to have dinner. We are strung between two houses and to cook out there was better than cook inside here. It is hot. Real hot.

Eva is actually sleeping in our bedroom because that is the only room in the house with air conditioning. Allison made a tent at the foot of the bed using her crib mattress and our spare bedsheets. Eva was so thrilled about this and even more thrilled that she has her partners to sleep with (Woody and Jessie from Toy Story). Gotta add a little whimsy here and there.

Here is a shot of the floors in the Dining Room with the 2nd coat applied.

Dining Room - 2nd Coat

I’m up late tonight on a Twitter party for TeleNav. It is fun and I’m grateful to all the new followers.

As for the move we figure that by Monday we can walk on the new floors. Tuesday we’ll fill the bookshelf and take those boxes home and get the kitchen stuff to bring back either Tuesday or Thursday because Wednesday I’m going on an excursion with The Hot Dog Man. That is going to be awesome.

Also I recorded a great ep of Geek Dads Weekly today. It isn’t up yet but we broadcast live on Mixlr.com and it was fun because we could also do an interactive chat.

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6 thoughts on “We Should Be Packing up for the Move”

    1. Deborah,

      Wait till we can walk on the 3rd coat. I’m so impressed by the work done here. The Sandman and sons did a fantastic job.

    1. Anna,

      Thanks very much for listening in on the show. I love it when people we know are listening in and interacting. That was fun.

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