Photo-A-Day #2406

We’re enjoying some family time while we are still a family of three. Allison is feeling better today and we’re still on Baby Watch 2011. Eva and I continue to work on our reviews and review videos. She’s got a knack for saying the funniest things. She enjoyed reviewing the SwagsGiving giveaway that is going up tomorrow, that is the one for Growums. She’s excited about it because in the spring we’ll be starting work on our garden.

I finished building my Optimus Prime KRE-O set. It is pretty sweet. I can’t wait to give this away later during SwagsGiving.

Eva had her four year checkup today. She was awesome! She did everything the doctor needed her to do. She’s nearing four feet tall too, 41″ tall.

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4 Responses to “We Three… For A Little While Anyway”

  1. Mo says:

    Great photo!! I can’t wait to meet your next little leaf:)

  2. kay says:

    Nice sharing i like the picture you post..Lovely looking forward to see another photo next time I visit in your site..

  3. Awesomely fitting picture! Love it!

    That Optimus Prime thing looks awesome!!!! But that’s because I’m a fan of semi trucks – LOL!
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