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Our Relay for Life Team went Gold this year, that means over $10,000 in total donations. That is a first for this team. I twas an amazing thing to achieve and we couldn’t have done it without all the great people who donated.

Donations that came in from readers and friends totaled $375.00. That is pretty amazing seeing as I started asking for donations a mere 10 days ago. What did I do to ask for donations? Twitter and this blog brought in the donations. People heard the call for donations and responded by either promoting the cause on twitter, donating or leaving comments of support. We are truly blessed to have such great friends in those we have met and those we have not. Soon I’ll be posting some thank you reviews about each of my $25+ sponsors and everyone on the $10+ will get some #followfriday love on twitter for the rest of the month. Everyone reading this blog should check out the blogs or twitter streams of these wonderful folks. I took a bunch of photos today too so here are some plus my video that I promised to show you, including the gaggle of teenage girls who try to get into the shot, and succeed.

The Mad Scientist
Last Year at the Relay for Life they had this guy there and he was phenomenal. He had all the kids so entertained. This year he held Eva’s attention for a good 20 minutes. And he hadn’t even gotten to the Mentos and Diet Coke yet.

Like the Pinwheels
Eva went over to the ADK (Teacher’s Honors Society and the team my mom walked with) and played with their pinwheels. She took the broken pink one there on the ground and played with it forever.

Why Relay
A wall where people could leave notes as to why they participated in the Relay

A dollar donation for 3 cupcakes that I could frost myself, a sweet deal. (I did not eat them all myself, I had one and shared the rest.

I Won Again
This time I won one of the team’s raffle prizes, the boys box of toys. Oh yeah there is a Transformers Activator, a G.I.Joe character and some Mr. Potato heads, it was a fun prize. Perfect for me.

I need to thank some really great people for their generosity. I’m linking up to their twitter names as Twitter was the way I spread the word and how many people responded.

More donations can still be received, only $125 away from our $500 goal!!

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  1. […] drop off point. The trunk was full because there was also the big box that I had received from the Relay for Life raffle. I took a few of the toys I wanted from that prize and then gave all the rest to Christmas is for […]

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