Web 2.0: UStream

I just checked out UStream.tv. It is a brand new site that allows you to stream video live and interact with people live. All you need to get started is a webcam. I signed on and signed up to find that Cali Lewis of GeekBrief.tv was doing a live E-mail answering stream. How cool is that? I got in on the last 2 minutes so that stunk but she will be on again. I have to get caught up enough so I am on track with everyone else when Cali posts new stuff. I’m a couple of episodes behind.

Anyway UStream.tv is a very easy site to sign up with. You can create a user profile and jump onto streams that are in progress. You can start your own streams. I can see this as a really fun thing for bloggers to do to enhance their blogs. I think that I may do one sometime from the road. I’ll let everyone know when I plan on doing it. My username is BenSpark so you can add me to your UStream.tv friends when you sign up.

I also would like to mention that Ashley from PPP writes the PPP blog on MySpace and gave me a shout out for recommending GeekBrief.tv. Also I nominated Cali for some Blogger’s Choice awards, although it doesn’t list me as the nominator but I was the first to vote in three categories.

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