ZudeWhat is Zude? Zude is the next hot thing in Web 2.0. Think of MySpace with the ease of drag and drop. Customizing your Web 2.0 presence is going to be so easy with Zude. Just looks really awesome. I learned about Zude through Bob Meets World.

When can you join Zude? You can join on May first unless you already heard about Zude and pre-registered and got an early invite. Early invites get to sign in at 12:01am on Monday April 30th. But in the world of Web 2.0 a day makes a difference. Look for my (whatever) Zude (widget/profile/thingy) here on this blog. I’ll be signing up with the rest of the masses on May 1, 2007. You can go to Zude now and enter your e-mail address to get a reminder when the beta goes live. While you are there take the tour. Looks pretty sweet.

Here is the Zude description on the 5th Generation site.

Haven’t you always wanted to share your thoughts, your ideas, your creations and your creativity with your friends, with the world? Us too. That is why we developed Zude for you. We thought it was just too hard for everyone on the web to create and manage compelling web content, so we made a change. We made it easy. And, we made it free!

Using 5g’s unique drag and drop technology, Zude lets users of any technical skill level – grandmas, geeks, coders and kids – build a free website.

That’s right, use Zude to drag and drop your pictures, your music, your videos, your thoughts right on to your Zude page. Best of all, it’s the one place on the web where you can take every profile you’ve ever created and consolidate them. Now you only have one place to go to manage your entire web world. Zude is not just free to use but freely used. You see, we are not about restrictions; we are about open platforms and freedom of expression.

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No Responses to “Web 2.0: Zude”

  1. Steve Poppe says:


    Thank you for the kind words. If you would like early access, it is 9833. Have fun. Steve, 5g

  2. Drew says:

    Thanks Steve!

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