Website Mad Libs

There are so many ways to Make Money Online. But first you should really Clean up your act & get on with your life! Do you have a healthy lifestyle and are you reading about heroes daily. Or is your life all about a divas approach to life and work.

You may be like me and enjoy taking Everyday pictures, everyday. There is a blogger named Jennifer who enjoys a blog about Parenting humor. And that blog is all about things that parents can appreciate.

Looking at blogs can give you a glimpse into a day in the life of bloggers who use Word Press or even Blogger. The more techno savvy are apt to use WordPress.

You should probably use a blog construct program like Wodpress for better web development and easy social media optimization. But there are so many people who can give you computer tips including someone who created a million dollar project.

Blogs are not just limited to the US. You can find an article directory that can include places like Bhutan, Portugal, and even rural India. And today is that day that you can explore many of these blogs , just like Jennifer.

Check out the Make Money Online blog to see other folks who tried this Web Mad Libs.

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6 thoughts on “Website Mad Libs”

  1. Drew,
    Really well done!

    I’m just going through now, at the original and seeing how many of us actually followed through. Today is the first day I’m reading yours!

    Have a great day and thanks for participating i n what I dreamed up! 🙂

    All the best,

    I’m adding this post’s URL to the comments of the original just in case it’s not already there.

  2. Nia,
    I had forgotten about this to tell the truth then started seeing my blog get referenced by a number of other blogs, then I figured out exactly what was going on and I hope I wasn’t too late. My url is not in the comments to thanks for adding that for me,

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