Website: Outer Banks Kiting

For a while I was maintaining the website for Outer Banks Kiting. I have never tried kiteboarding but my friend Andy is big time into it. He hooked me up with Jay Crawford, he owns Outer Banks Kiting, for some help with the website.

So I worked on it for a while and now Jay has a new person to help him out. I was glad to help and the site was pretty simple to set up. And I have a place to stay if I decide to go down to the Outer Banks. If I want to try out Kiting or rather sharpen my photography skills by taking kiting pictures I can go with a pro kiter.

I have found many resources for kite boarding since I started working on Jay’s site and the things that can be done on a kiteboard are pretty amazing. There a quite a few kiteboard podcasts featuring these amazing stunts. There is a video on Jay’s site of him kiteboarding. He’s pretty amazing.

Jay’s site has been redesigned and it is very nice. Check him out.

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