Wedding Bands as technology?

I tried my hardest to find some cool technology related stuff for weddings. When Allison and I got married I gave each of the groomsmen USB Thumb Drives/MP3 players. I love tech and found that that was a gift that they would continue to get use from even after the wedding was over. I know that eventually someone is going to make something really cool with wedding bands. For instance, people have injected themselves with little RFID tags for tracking, why not embed the tracking RFID chip into a ring or something. I know that eventually we are all gonna get chipped, It is coming. Why not put it in something that you wear rather than in yourself.

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2 thoughts on “Wedding Bands as technology?”

  1. good idea. and you had better be wrong about “it’s coming” because its really too 1984-ish and gives me the creeps. at least you can take something off and not be tracked.

  2. I think it may be on the way, but who knows. Right now we are tagging our cats and dogs. people are the next logical step. Very 1984 indeed.

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