This weekend Allison and I went to New Hampshire. It rained and we spent a lot of time at the house. Allison and Marcia spent a lot of time at the mall and Dan and I hung around the house. Today Allison and I put a few things on our Macy’s registry, flatware and wine glasses and the sort. We’d both like to that Dan and Marcia for their very generous gift too! That is going to help us out alot as we prepare for the wedding. Tomorrow is 200 days till the wedding!

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No Responses to “Weekend in New Hampshire”

  1. mo says:

    i’m fighting the both of you!! i too was in NH this weekend…in the rain!! just because i don’t live there anymore doesn’t mean you should take into consideration my schedule and CALL!! how rude!!

  2. Drew says:

    Phones are devices that are made to call both ways, hon. You could have checked with us too you know. And if it was raining you should have had a sweet umbrella, Gosh!

  3. mo says:

    Just admit that you were rude…and wrong…and don’t ever call me HON again!! What if I was using my phone for some ham related llama emergency or something? Plus you know I always get my glamour shots on Saturdays at the mall of NH. Dangit!!

  4. Allison says:

    Then you should have called us – you know we’re only 5 minutes from Glamour Shot Central. We could have done a cool group picture!!

  5. mo says:

    That would have been sweeeeeeeeeeeet! Gosh!!