Welcome Home Kitty America and Torunn

Photo-A-Day #2631

We adopted two kittens today. After Duncan died the house was feeling a little lonely for Oliver. Eva has been talking to Duncan almost daily. We thought that we’d wait for a while before we adopted. We saw an article about two litters of kittens that were discovered in a cardboard box on the side of the road. We got the itch to get a new kitty. So we put the word out to our local animal shelter and when a set of kittens came in Allison and Eva went to visit them. They found two kittens instead of one. I was in New York when I got a message from Allison about the kittens. It was a picture of her holding them both and asking for both of them. We discussed it and in the end we decided to adopt them both.

Allison and Eva went to the shelter today and picked up the kittens to bring them home. They are sequestered to the dining room for the next couple of days until they are more comfortable with their surroundings. No sense in have them go hide in the cellar for a week. They are both pretty timid but are getting more bold as the hours tick by. The photo above is of James, Eva first wanted to call him Kitty America (with my prompting) but she decided that she liked James instead. See, James is the son of Captain America and Black Widow according to the Next Avengers movie. Eva likes the name James better but I like Kitty America. James does sound nice though.

Torunn pictured below was named for Torunn, daughter of Thor, also from the Next Avengers movie. I guess my geekdom is rubbing off big time on this kid. Andrew will probably grow up all into sports and reject the geek factor.

Little Torunn

Eva is learning to be more patient as she learns about the kitties and how they are adjusting to their new home. She is still 4 1/2 and quite twitchy but for the most part she’s trying real hard to be patient and let the kittens come to her. It is wonderful watching her having fun with them.

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6 thoughts on “Welcome Home Kitty America and Torunn”

  1. While I’m disappointed you didn’t stick with the true comic names, I’m impressed you went through with a comics connection. We don’t have any pets, but I did get to use “Logan” for my younger son’s middle name.

    I haven’t seen the Next Avengers movie. Was that one of those made-for-DVD Marvel movies? Any good?
    Look at what Andrew Kardon wrote blog post ..I Survived Another Olympic Day With My Kids

    1. Andrew,

      I was overridden on the number of cats, did you think I had any chance with the names? 🙂

      Next Avengers can be found at Target for about $5. It was a direct to DVD thing and the kids have only appeared in a couple comics as a side story. I got an avengers comic from Free Comic Book day that featured the kids.

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