We’re Stocked Up

Photo-A-Day #1770

For some reason we have an abundance of soups and sauces. Actually, lots of the stuff came from coupons. With the meal planning for the month and the attention to coupons and sales we’ve stocked up our pantry. Of course one of the meals that Allison made was real chicken soup, not the emergency canned stuff.

Tonight was another Dave Ramsey class and this one was all about debt myths. So many myths that we are taking as truths. This was one of the best classes so far because it was reinforcing our motivations to action. So right now we are cash only, we’ve got the emergency fund in place and we are attacking debt with gazelle intensity.

We got knocked back a bit today because Allison’s car needed a new regulator for the driver’s side window. However, we did not go reaching for the credit cards, we took a hit but will be bouncing back rather than getting deeper in debt. It is a bit scary but being deep in debt is so much more scary. Is anyone else part of Financial Peace University? What are your get out of debt tips?

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7 thoughts on “We’re Stocked Up”

  1. Drew,

    I think it is ironic that the picture has a can of Campbell’s chunky chicken soup front and center and you are talking about Allison making real chicken soup. Real soup is way better than canned.

    Sorry to hear about the regulator. I need to get my truck inspected about 12 days ago. Hopefully I will find the motivation to get it done today.

    1. Andy,
      I tend to get my car inspected the day after it expires that way in 12 years I get a free inspection year. I know that is ridiculous and probably not something that really happens but in my head it does.

      The regulator hurt but it didn’t sink us.

      Yeah I was unintentionally trying to be ironic, or maybe I was scrambling for a good shot of something.

      1. Perhaps you were simply trying to display you vast array of chicken soups. You seem to be a man who is rich in chicken soup products. I envy you

    1. Deborah,
      Debt is really very scary. I’ve seen some people in really bad credit situations and it just gets worse the deeper you get into debt.

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