What Would be Your 80’s Super Team?

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I love the 80’s. I grew up in a time when the best Saturday Morning Cartoons were out. I really did. And after school cartoons were even better. I loved Transformers, G.I. Joe, M.A.S.K., Thundercats and more. I still do because I look around my house and at my desk at work and I have toys that are either directly from the 80’s or based on 80’s properties. So I got to thinking what sort of mash up team would be the best.

Let’s suppose that the separate universes for each of the cartoon series got mashed together. The story I’d like to see would be the Transformers crash into Third Earth instead of Earth. Third Earth is the exiled home of the Thundercats after Thunderra blew up. Incorporate the planet being destroyed by Unicron and that can tie those two stories together. I’d like to see Optimus Prime head up this team, despite what Aalgar says I think Optimus was a great leader. I’d also like to see Megatron trapped in his gun mode and Optimus using him as his weapon. Megatron would not be able to transform but he’d be able to talk and influence the other members of the team.

In my photo I’ve got Optimus, Wily Kit and Wily Kat, Snake Eyes and Green Lantern. I put GL in there because it was on my desk. I was looking for someone else to be part of this team. My Dream team probably would be Optimus a leader, Wily Kit and Kat for comic relief, Snake Eyes for his Ninja skills, Matt Trakker, leader of M.A.S.K. for his technical skills and he’d have a powerful mask with many of the abilities of the mask team, the mask would change looks when it was going to change abilities. I always wondered why each mask only had the one ability rather than have multiple ones. That would have been an advantage to the M.A.S.K. team. I might replace Wily Kit and Wily Kat for Cheetara since this team is low on the female members. Or maybe I’d have Teela from the Masters of the Universe. She was strong and could kick some butt.

Okay now revising this team I’d make Optimus the Leader, Matt Trakker second in command, Teela, Snake Eyes, and instead of Wily Kit and Kat I’d swap in Panthro, he could provide muscle and also knowledge of how to use a Samoflange. But then I’d have to figure out how an Eternian, Thunderran, 2 Humans, and a Cybertronian would be together and working together. We could tie in Unicron who has devoured the planets Eternia, Thunderra and Earth with Third Earth still around. I’d also like to see Optimus take on the Alt Mode of the Thundertank so then he’d be able to transport the whole team as they fight to save Third Earth and find the scattered civilizations from the destroyed worlds.

Maybe I just need to get some more sleep or I just need more Time to Play!

I’m so very excited to be heading to New York tomorrow for the Time to Play holiday Showcase on Tuesday. I’m so excited about it and it has made this working weekend go by all the more slowly.

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    1. Bruker,

      I didn’t forget He-Man. I don’t want him on the team, I picked Teela from Masters of the Universe (otherwise known as He-Man). Glad you liked the post.

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