What’s in the Bag, Santa?

Photo-A-Day #1710

Today we took Eva over to visit Santa at L.A. Robert’s. This is also a yearly tradition of our. My brother-in-law’s father is a perfect Santa and he plays Santa two weekends a year at L.A. Robert’s. The restaurant has a really nice brunch that we enjoyed today. Eva even enjoyed the brunch very much too. She loved that they had watermelon and bacon. That kid loves her bacon.

I took a few photos at L.A. Robert’s and a really nice thing that they do is they take photos of the kids with Santa and post them to their site as well so parent’s can download them. Many parents forget to bring their camera with them so this is a nice service that L.A. Robert’s provides for free. Also every kid get’s a toy from Santa. Eva got three Frisbees with Tigger, Pooh and Eeyore on the the faces. I was trying to get Eva to say “racecar” but that didn’t work so well.

For the most part Eva was a bit shy with Santa and she didn’t recognize Howard. She was in the moment and saw Santa. Whenever Santa came to our table Eva was quiet. However, whenever Santa went to another table she kept asking “Where’s Santa?”

Finally when we were leaving Eva went up to Santa in his chair and she didn’t quite tell Santa what she wanted, The 7 pack of Disney Princesses (aff link). We picked that up last weekend when we did out Christmas is For Kids Shopping. Then Target lowered the price and I was able to get the refund so easily. I love Target because of that they ask no questions they just credit your account.

Eva was very quiet about what she wanted and said it when she was not even near Santa. I think she had a nice time overall and I wonder at what age she will look at Howard and think Santa or look at Santa and think Howard.

When we got home it was time for the yearly struggle with the family letter. In past year’s we’ve done revision after revision on paper. This year we got smart and set up a Google Doc so Dad could write the letter, Tara could Edit it and I could format and print it. No matter how technologically advanced we get with this letter something steps in and causes a snafu. This year was the paper. It was some of that cheap thin decorated paper that has a Christmas design. Well, our printer thought that the paper was quite tasty because it ate about 40 sheets at random intervals. I was forced to hand feed each of the 100 sheets. In the past I have gone and added photos, there was no room this year so I’m going to make up something to print out and include in the card. That is the next task. Next year we’re doing it earlier and through Snapfish or Kodak or something.

In the afternoon we watched A Muppet Christmas Carol (aff link), complete with fresh popped popcorn. I had never seen it and I know Allison had and she loves the Muppets. We’ve been indoctrinating Eva into the love of Muppets as well. She liked the movie. She likes Miss Piggy.

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11 thoughts on “What’s in the Bag, Santa?”

    1. Deborah,
      I like the newsletter, we have a relative who does a fantastic one every year. I love it. I may have to do one up for the blog. I’ve been toying with the idea.

  1. The Muppet Christmas Carol is one of my favorite Christmas movies. It’s true to the original story, while still being wicked funny. Gotta love Miss Piggy as a very feisty Mrs. Cratchit!

    Speaking of which, have you shown Eva that Muppet Bohemian Rhapsody video? If you do, be prepared for her to start running around the house singing “nothing really matters, but MOI!”

    That video is already a classic.
    .-= Look at what Christine wrote blog ..It’s a major award! =-.


    10 Santa you should have put the puppy in a pressurized cabin.

    9 Santa is there anything in this bag Not Made in CHINA???

    8 He may be Santa but he sure smells like Uncle Howard’s Cigars….

    7 What the ……….Raindeer Jerky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6 New Tools, must be for Aunt Tara………………..

    5 What a surprise, no new Nikon stuff for Dad……………..

    4 That better not be a “Captian Hook” Doll…………………

    3 A subscription for Uncle Erik, can’t wait to see what’s in that brown paper envelop………………………………

    2 More exercise DVD’s Whoppie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and the number one thing Eva is thinking

    1 What’s the difference between Santa and Tiger Woods????????????????

      1. I hope you got a laugh out of that. I’m down with a bad cold, had to cancel this weekends “SANTA” appearances, bummer for the kids and me!
        We both look forward to seeing you at Christmas.

        Uncle Howard

        1. Howard,
          I did get a kick out of it, hope you liked all the photos that I took last weekend. I hope that you feel better. It is too bad that you were unable to go today. We’ll see you at Christmas.

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