When I Try to Mow

Photo-A-Day #2952

I bought a new mower a few weeks ago. I picked up some new gas and was prepping the mower today for quite a long frustrating time. The frustrating thing was that I could not get the oil cap off to add the oil. The instruction manual showed a different looking mower and I could not find the listing for the particular oil cap that I had. The thing is, I could see it. I just could not get any sort of grip on it to open it up. I went and got my mechanics toolbox and tried to find the right size so that I could find something to grip the cap. Finally I came across a 16mm wrench that was able to loosen it enough so that I could loosen it the rest of the way with my hands.

By the time I finally got it all filled up with gas and oil I had just enough time to mow the spot right next to the garage. That was yesterday. Today I went to try and mow the front yard and as soon as I got the mower to the fence door the drops began to fall, and fall hard.

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