When Will We Get Our (GOOD) Movie

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Other than the Batman series by Christopher Nolan there has not been a decent DC comics based movie. Marvel has been dominating the box office for a few years now and while I certainly enjoy that I would so love to see an amazing DC based set of movies. DC Comics has the better cartoons but movies are better in the Marvel camp. What I am really enjoying is that LEGO has licenses for both comic book companies and we’re getting some fantastic sets in the LEGO Super Heroes line.

Now I can imagine having epic battles with Iron Man and Batman vs Ultron and The Joker. Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne can wax poetic about being filthy stinking rich and the latest gadgets. I can imagine one being in the Apple camp and one in the Android camp and each trying to one up each other with the better tech.

Back in 196 there was a set of one shot comics from Amalgam. Amalgam was a project by DC and Marvel where main characters were combined to create new characters. For instance Superman and Captain America became Super Soldier. Even their costumes were combined. Batman and Wolverine became Dark Claw. I bought all of those books and enjoyed the combinations that were created. I think that an amazing mashup would be making a movie based on one of those Amalgam characters. Or maybe a movie where archers Green Arrow and Hawkeye end up in Sherwood forest vying for the position of Robin Hood.

If people are writing books that mash up historical figures or works of literature with supernatural things like zombies and vampires then why not mash up super heroes with these sort of things. Green Lantern in the story of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Superman in the story of the Iliad as Achilles but he’s shot in the heel with a Kryptonite arrow. I know that there are no more new ideas out there these days (or so it seems but so many new ones keep coming up) and so these sort of mash ups would be very cool. Wolverine as Odysseus, those guys were both tortured souls. The combinations are endless and you can find ways to integrate characters into these works.

Can you tell that I am unable to think about anything besides the Avengers Movie. I finally get to see it tomorrow.

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