Which Uses the Wii U Pro Controller

Photo-A-Day #3065

I ordered and purchased the Wii U Pro Controller because I was tired of using the Wii Remote and the Nunchuck when playing games with the family. I saw that Disney Infinity and Skylanders Giants both show support for this controller. But, guess what, the Wii U Pro Controller is not supported by Disney Infinity at this time even though it is listed on the packaging. So, until they fix it we are back to the wiimote and nunchuck for that game.

Although, the Wii U Pro Controller has been great for Skylanders Giants. I’m still working on the quests for each character. I started working on each and every one of the figures that we have and started with the Life Skylanders. The new controller is great for playing the battle modes of the game. This works well because each figure needs to win 10 battles to completely finish all quests. I’ve got to put together a video about each of the elements and figure how best to show people how to complete those quests quickly for each figure.

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