So, is this stuff sticking around till Christmas?

Photo-A-Day #1717

Up here in Massachusetts we got hit with a wicked Nor’Easter. The snow made my sisters Tara and Shelby’s train from New York 7 hours late. They got in at 1:00am this morning. Dad said that driving to get them he had to stop twice and clean off the windshield from the ice. The roads were bad.

However, snow doesn’t just mean shoveling, snowblowing and plowing; it also means sledding, making snowmen and wonder. Sure we ad to do the shoveling and snowblowing but we’ve got that down to science and it isn’t too bad. The fun was watching Eva and Allison in the back yard making snow angels and playing with Eva’s sled. We got Eva an inflatable dinosaur sled last year and she was pretty light so she kept falling out when going around corners. Now Eva is older and she is a bit heavier but still not heavy enough to weigh down the sled. Because of this she nearly falls out when going around corners.

Eva was not too much of a fan of getting a face full of snow but she loved it when it happened to Allison. I love today’s photo because it captures Allison and Eva having so much joy playing together in the snow. It makes my heart so happy to see them having such fun.

Here are a few more photos of the fun that Allison and Eva had.

Making snow angels
Making Snow angels

Throwing Snow.
Throwing Snow

After the snow shoveling the first time I put together Eva’s new Art Cart. Allison’s grandparents Mimi and Grandpa Dano got this for her and it is really fun. I decided to pop on stickam to record myself building the toy. I give some of my tips on building items and stickam only records for an hour and I probably should have unwrapped a few more pieces before I started recording. I figure it only took me an hour to get the whole thing put together. I liked building this very much because it was so well laid out, the directions were great and there were only 5 pieces of hardware that needed to be used while building this. It was a real spur of the moment decision to record too, it was the first time I used the webcam on my new laptop. It worked great too.

Tonight We had dinner, football and fun with my parents. My mom cooked the turkey that I got from work on this past Tuesday. The only place that it would fit was their refrigerator so it was thawed out and ready to cook today. We also hung out and watched Eva put ornaments on the tree with my Dad.

Eva is afraid of the fire, and a healthy respect for fire is good but she won’t walk anywhere near it without getting upset. She doesn’t like it whenever anyone else is by the fire either. I walked by the fire and Eva was getting upset. I stopped and stood there and told her that I was fine, the fire was behind the screen and “it was okay, don’t worry I’m just warming my bum.” Sure enough moments later she walked by the fire, stopped and announced “I’m warming my bum!” That kid cracks me up.

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6 thoughts on “So, is this stuff sticking around till Christmas?”

    1. Stephen,
      It was a decent bit of snow, certainly not feet and feet but I suspect that if there was too much you’d have something negative to say about that too. Be happy, there is snow to go run and play in.

    1. Deborah,

      Certainly we will paint and color together. I am looking forward to playing with her and even got her some paints today.

    1. Matt,
      Yeah we will be getting much more of this but that is okay I like it. And yeah the time spent inside to blog is very cool. I like to be able to spend some time doing more thought out posts.

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